Introduction and Inspiration

Creating a blog has been a goal for me for some time. So, here we are!

I am excited to finally be able to share my thoughts and ideas with the world.

In the jungle of tech stack, I searched for a simple track.

Zola with no-style-please, My website's beauty to release.

As said above, I am using Zola Static Site Generator with no style, please! theme. This is fuctional, simple and effective.

This website is a potpourri of inspiration gleaned from various corners of the internet in terms of both design and ideas.

I will list my favorite books, movies, and music on the "Favorites" page, link inspiring and intriguing articles on the "Articles" page, and include useful and worth-visiting websites on the "Bookmarks" page.

With this blog, I aim to express my thoughts and musings on the things I stumble upon in my life. By using this platform, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of myself, clarify my ideas and develop my writing abilities.

Have a great day!